$12 each for local folks who can pick up from the farm (by appointment). For an additional $2 it can be delivered in Silverton/Scotts Mills/Mt. Angel. Outside that area we would have to discuss additional cost. It is a plastic yard sign with grommets.

Funny because it is true!

Why did we create this sign? This is often what I see when entering the barn: cat, cat, skunk! One of our barn cats adopts other animals and leads them to food and shelter. So it was only a matter of time before he brought home a skunk. She is the prettiest, daintiest, little thing and obviously thinks of herself as a cat. However, if she gets startled, she will still react like a skunk and spray. So, we needed this sign and we thought you might too!

Interested in putting this sign up in your barn? Or giving it to someone as a gift? email us at briarrosecroft@gmail.com to find out more.